Technical Direction, Design Direction, Web Design, Web Development


The Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) - an annual online survey of arts and design alumni
Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research


Since I have experience in both design and software engineering, I took on the position of both technical and design director, defining the technology we are using, the code structure, and also designing the visual and interaction of the entire experience.
The challenge also comes from the massive raw data we received from the annual survey. Every year there are over 50 design and art institutes participated in SNAAP all over the nation and the survey results contains over 80 questions and 1250+ options. The final report for each institute has over 200 pages but all the information are presented without any visualization or storytelling. The solution has to make sense of these massive information and to provide each institute a good overview of the survey results.


I analyzed the data with the SNAAP research team, distilled the data into a few categories and later developed a visual system which largely reduced the amount of information needs to be processed by the audience.


With understanding of both the data and the web design, I suggested below workflow to load the data dynamically since it is an annual survey and the same process will repeat every year. I then coded the website, also programmed the entire workflow using Python and D3.js. The efficiency has been hugely improved since its launch.



The project is currently still ongoing. The data visualized here is demo information randomly selected from real data so as to showcase the design solution rather than reveal any personal information. Please contact me at if you are interested in more information about this project.