I worked with the SNAAP research team on this project to design and develop a digital solution visualizing the data they received from their annual survey. The information includes data from individual institution as well as the average data from all SNAAP institutions.


The final solution I designed and developed is a series of websites for all institutions. They are all based on D3.js to visualize the data, therefore can be easily applied to all institutions every year and can be loaded dynamically whenever needed.


I analyzed the data and developed a visual system which largely reduced the amount of information needs to be processed by the audience. I also programmed the entire workflow using Python and D3.js so the efficiency will be hugely improved once it is launched.



The project is currently still ongoing. The data visualized here is demo information randomly selected from real data so as to showcase the design solution rather than reveal any personal information. Please contact me at if you are interested in more information about this project.